Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Vampire, The Unwilling

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The Montebarone family, noble and kind, are a mixed family of both humans and vampires, as many vampire families are. Chazarus Montebarone III, being both human and vampire, is known to the vampire community as a Vamp-Hume. Delving into the hearts and souls of the vampire kind, emotions are brought to their bursting points as different events unravel our Vamp-Hume Heroes life. Together, with his brother Perault, who is also human and vampire, they are raised by a very ancient and powerful vampire, Merram, who struggles to protect them from the sinister Broehmi and his nephew Guarantan, and those who would drain their blood for the powers contained in it, for their own evil ambitions. Throughout it all, the older Chazarus reflects on his younger years, recounting the tumultuous events and upheavals that lead to his quest for spiritual redemption, his first romantic love, witnessing the horrors inflicted upon the human communities, choices of dark or light paths and resisti! ng his own possible extinction. This is the first book in this series.

Product Details

  • Published on: 2011-11-05
  • Binding: Paperback
  • 314 pages
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